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“We saw a problem and started Perma Treat to solve it.”

Perma Treat was born from the idea that sealing hard surfaces shouldn’t result in short-term protection and long-term dirt and discoloration. Sealing should be a more permanent solution for such a large investment.

Manufacturers of the typical sealants found in your local hardware store have a vested interest in your repeat business. They want you to keep coming back, so they sell sealants that require reapplication every year. You have to keep coming back to reapply sealant that just doesn’t last.

At Perma Treat, we found a better way! Perma Treat’s proprietary sealer is more than just a topcoat. Our sealer uses nanotechnology, which works on a molecular level to penetrate the stone surface.

After seeing the results of this technology for ourselves, we went to work to develop our sealant product now known as PERMA TREAT – a solution to assist with the cleaning difficulties faced by owners of hard surfaces. Dirt and grime are unavoidable, but PERMA TREAT can make your surfaces so much easier to keep clean.

Clean, Seal and Restore Hard Surfaces

Our seasoned Central Oregon team has been cleaning and sealing hard surfaces with a special focus on attention to detail since the Summer of 2014.

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